Netherlands diplomatic missions, Vietnam

NFP Tailor-Made Training programme 2017

Next deadline for submission of proposals: 1st February 2017

The Netherlands Fellowship Programme (NFP) promotes capacity building by providing training and education for professionals. The NFP Tailor-made Training (TMT) programme is meant to improve the overall functioning of an organisation by training a selected group of staff. Next deadline for submission of proposals for a TMT is the 1st of February 2017. Relevant sectors for Vietnam are water management, agriculture and economic governance.

Embassy of the Netherlands in Vietnam - policy and priorities

The Embassy of the Netherlands in Hanoi and Consulate-General in Ho Chi Minh City will review incoming applications and recommend them to EP-Nuffic in line with our policy and priorities, which are focused on the following sectors:

  • Water and water management
  • Agriculture
  • Economic Governance

Interested and eligible organisations are invited to participate in the TMT programme. The programme is open to a broad range of organisations in NFP countries, from education institutions, research institutes and ministries to NGOs and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). (see the eligibility requirements on the Nuffic website)

Next deadline for TMT submission at the Embassy/Consulate General: 1st February 2017

Applications have to be submitted to the Embassy at and at the Consulate General at by 1 February 2017. The Embassy/Consulate will screen these applications before forwarding these to EP-Nuffic before 1 March 2017.
Co-funding is not compulsory, but voluntary co-funding by the requesting organisation or by a third party sponsor in the NFP country will increase the chance of being selected.


Unfortunately the budget for the TMT programme is limited. By consequence only a limited number of applications can be subsidised.
EP-Nuffic is responsible for the assessment and selection, taking into account the recommendations by the Embassy/Consulate General.